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Welcome to PSFK.The home of what’s next in Retail and CX.

Unlock the freshest intel on fast-moving trends and apply our research to drive your revenue.

At the forefront of change since 2004

PSFK’s integrated approach to research, content, events and our network provides you with the knowledge and savvy you need to get ahead of the trends. Whether you need the latest trend report, a long-term consulting partner or something in between, our flexible products and services make it a cinch to find the right mix of expertise to turbo-charge your retail and CX innovation.


Where Innovators Turn for Research
Our professional-grade research platform is designed specifically for Retail and CX leaders who want to know what’s next. Whether you’re staying current on trends or need a real-time research partner to help you get ahead, count on PSFK iQ to deliver the info you need to make your next move.

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PSFK Consulting

Get Ahead. Stay Ahead. PSFK has been guiding leading brands and retailers on what’s next in Retail and CX since 2004. PSFK leverages trends research as the foundation for its consulting work and partners with experts from our network to build the perfect team to solve your business problem.

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PSFK Events / Retail Innovation Week

Join our community of forward thinkers. Connecting retail and CX innovators through in-person and virtual events since 2004.

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PSFK Custom Publishing and B2B Marketing Services

Turbocharge Your Thought Leadership. Drive Business With Content That Goes Deeper. Leverage the latest trends, research and analysis to fuel your marketing and lead-gen.

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The Weekly Debrief

Get the inside track on what’s now and next in Retail and CX with The Weekly Debrief newsletter. The Weekly Debrief is the latest research from PSFK, insights from experts and more — every Monday.

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The PSFK Report Library

The PSFK Report Library is a trove of retail and CX innovation insights. Find reports for every step of the customer journey. Browse by category or search for keywords, verticals and more.

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